Our Assortment

We can produce customised products including tee shirts, onesies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, canvas bags, caps, and more. The majority of our articles consist of 100% cotton. However, when you place an order for customised production you can choose between many different materials, such as lycra and polyester, in order to obtain exactly the kind of material you want. Contact us for more information — we’d love to hear from you.

Sporteaze Benefits

Your Measurements and Sizes
Choose to use our standard measurement and size sheet for your customised order, or create customised sheets which only your products follow.

Your Labels
Your neck label will be an exclusive design to make your article unique. In addition to the neck label, it is also possible to add extra labels such as side labels or flag labels.

Your Colour Palette
Choose either our standard textile colours or specific pantone colours.

Your Prints, Embroidery, Application and Accessories
Print, embroidery and applications are also possible to add. We produce accessories such as small hangers, hang tags, or carton decorations if required.

Your Packing
When your goods leave the manufacturer, the packing is also up to you. This includes single packing, assortment packing and more.

Your Approval
We’ll send you samples of an order for approval. This ensures that everything is as it should be for a hassle-free order.

The Most Affordable Price
Try us for the most competitive pricing available.